Bed Maintenance Tips

Beds, something we look forward to after a long day at work. So soft, comfy, and warm we never want to get out in the morning. Despite all the good things about our beds, do we really know the maintenance to our bed? Like how often should I change my sheets? How often should I get a new mattress? Or even just everyday maintenance to keep my bed in good shape to make it last longer. Here are a couple of good key points to keep in mind when you own that mattress.

There are five signs you need to keep in mind when you think you would need a new bed. One, you are waking up tired or sore. The bed you own is no longer giving you that support and comfort for your body to relax at night. Your body needs that support from your bed at night to get a good night’s rest. Sign number two, worn, saggy or lumpy? When you change your bed sheets examine that bed. Look for these signs, if these signs come up its time for a new bed. Three, you’ve resorted to sleeping on the couch or recliner. If this is the case get a new bed. Sleeping on the couch or recliner isn’t good for the body and you are getting a better nights rest on that then that’s a big sign to change your bed! Big number four, I don’t remember when I bought my mattress. That’s key, which says it all. If you don’t remember when you bought your mattress it might just be that time again to go get a mattress. Lastly, if your partner is getting any sleep. If your partner is tossing and turning all night that keeps you up at night which leads to both of you not getting a good night’s rest.

Changing your bed sheets is also key to good maintenance to your bed. Smelling or looking at your bed sheets isn’t the smartest idea to determine whether the sheets need to be changed. Your bed sheets should be changed every other week. Bright Touch Maids recommends our Bi Weekly maintenance program to help you with this goal.  You might be asking yourself, what if I sweat at night. The answer to that is wash them every week! But your sheets aren’t the only item on the bed that needs to be changed. Ever thought of cleaning your pillows or comforter? These items should be washed two to three times a year, to make it easier wash them every season. But what if flu season or cold season is here. Well look at it this way you need to change those sheets as soon as it’s gone. Taking care of your bed during these yucky seasons will prolong the bed. When you’re sick, believe it or not, you sweat more than usual. For an easy fix of that put an extra sheet between your fitted sheet and your mattress. Once that sickness is gone strip the bed immediately, wash your sheets in hot water (if sheets allow) and let that bed air out for a couple hours. Presoak your sheets in oxygen bleach or a trusted stain remover if there is undesirable stains on your sheets.

Lastly, here are a few more points for your maintenance. Flip your mattress every season, unless it’s a pillow topper. You know that song no more monkey’s jumping on the bed? Well not just for their safety but it’s also to keep your mattress in good shape. Jumping on the bed can damage your mattress and box spring. Protect your bed with a mattress pad to absorb any moisture and spills on the mattress. Vacuum that mattress! Vacuuming your mattress every time you change your sheets will remove dust, dead skin, and dust mites.

So the next time you want to go lay in your bed ask yourself, how long has it been since I’ve changed my mattress? Are my sheets cleaned the way they should? Never the less enjoy your sleep and sleep beautifully in your maintained bed. HGTV.COM

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