How To Choose A New Atlanta House Cleaning Company

3 Things To Help You Choose A Better House Cleaning Company

House cleaning is a necessity for the modern, over-burdened home owner. Thankfully, there is no shortage of services, from nation-wide companies to one-woman bands. The right new house cleaning company for you will meet your budget and scheduling needs. Plus, everyone wants a house cleaner who is courteous, effective and trustworthy.
Here’s the inside scoop on choosing a new house cleaning company for your home.
Before a price is set, you should be able to easily request an online quote that assess the size of your home and what exactly its cleaning requires—some homes will require a more involved routine, or to be cleaned more occasionally than others. The right company will listen to your concerns and price their services reasonably. Don’t be shy about asking how they work out their prices. You may find that the higher-priced services are the ones that are insured and bonded, which is a plus if you have a lot of expensive breakables that need regular cleaning. If it turns out that they can’t meet your objectives for your budget, a really great company will show you what they can do for your price point.
For $25-35 per hour, you can typically expect the following tasks will be covered in one cleaning session:
• Thorough cleaning of the kitchen and bathrooms
• Sweeping, vacuuming and/or mopping of all floors
• Changing sheets, putting dirty sheets on to wash
• Dusting all surfaces, including baseboards and lighting
Trial Run
If you’re really not sure about a company, or you’re choosing between two services, engage them for a trial run. Ethically, you should always let the company know that your commitment is based on their performance during the trial, although this may encourage them to do a tremendous job then and decline after the trial. House cleaning companies typically don’t have their clients sign contracts, so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to “fire” your company if this is the case. A new house cleaning company with integrity will give you an honest taste of their services right off the bat so you can make the right choice for you.
Post-Cleaning Check List
To fully assess the abilities and shortcomings of a new house cleaning company, you have to know where to look after they clean your home. It’s where they don’t clean that is going to make for a lasting client-cleaner relationship.
Here’s your post-clean check list:
• Go room to room and let your nose and eyes have an initial assessment. Do any remaining odors or obvious messes remain?
• Have the harder-to-reach areas been vacuumed?
• Have hard floors been fully washed or just swiped with a damp mop—you’ll be able to tell by the streaking.
• Have the corners and walls been dusted?
• Have the toilets and bathroom fixtures been disinfected. You should be able to tell from the smell and how crystal clear reflective surfaces appear.
• Have even small items—crystal collections, books, plants—been dusted?
When you engage a new house cleaning company to keep your abode tidy, you’re paying for a certain level of service. While you may need to maintain your expectations when it comes to how much can be done in one cleaning session, you do still have a right to expect value for your money. The best new house cleaning company for you is one that fully understands that and works with you to provide the best results for your budget and schedule.

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