The Germiest Part of Any Home…the Kitchen

Did you know that the kitchen harbors more germs than any other room?

The cutting board is a big culprit.

Cracks and crevices in your cutting board provide plenty of space for bacteria to grow. In fact, cutting boards have more than double the bacteria than a standard toilet seat. Experts recommend thoroughly disinfecting cutting boards between use, especially when raw meat and salad fixings are involved.

Here are a few easy ways to sanitize, control smells and clean your cutting board…..

Baking Soda

Keep your wooden or plastic cutting board clean by occasionally scrubbing it with a paste made from one tablespoon each baking soda, salt and water. Rinse thoroughly with hot water.


Don’t even think about using furniture polish or any other household cleaner to clean a butcher block cutting board or countertop. Rather, scrub the surface with a brush dipped in a solution of one teaspoon bleach diluted in two quarts (two liters) water. Scrub in small circles, and be careful not to saturate the wood. Wipe with a slightly damp paper towel, then immediately buff dry with a clean cloth.


No wonder your kitchen cutting board smells! After all, you use it to chop onions, crush garlic, cut raw and cooked meat and prepare fish. To get rid of the smell on the cutting board, rub it all over with the cut side of half a lemon or wash it in undiluted juice straight from the bottle.

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